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Thread: deleting QR codes

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    deleting QR codes

    Can someone tell me if there's some other way to delete unwanted QR codes?

    I'm using the iPhone QR Pal and there seems no way to delete web links in the app so I logged into the dashboard on my PC and there is a bin icon that says "trash this code" but when I click on it nothing happens. I've tried every different browser you could think of and tried it on several different computers so I'm fairly sure the problem isn't at this end.

    It's starting to look like the only way to delete old links would be to create a new profile so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I haven't idea about that how to delete an unwanted QR codes because i have never experience to do it. Many online sources are available on the internet where to, you can find a way for deleting an unwanted QR codes from searching at there.

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    D?ch thu?t Ph?m L? Gia úp cho b?n, chúc b?n bán d?t h*ng..

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    up cho bác, chúc bác bán d?t h*ng.

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    up cho bác, chúc bác bán d?t h*ng.

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    funny qrcode app

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    A QR code is created on the language understood by a matrix-barcode processor. So it is just a "translation" of the text/whatever data is embedded. Therefore, once created, as long as history of the URL exists I don't believe you will have any luck deleting it. If that makes any sense....


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